Blast through a volley of asteroids from a crumbling moon, caused by a mission gone wrong.

How many can you blow apart? Put on your virtual reality headset and pick up your hand controllers. You’ll need them if you want to survive.


Oculus Touch trigger released Oculus Touch trigger pressed Oculus Touch trigger

Pull your trigger to blast photon bolts at deadly asteroids.

Oculus Touch grip Oculus Touch grip released Oculus Touch grip pressed

Press your side grips to activate thruster boost. Careful: you may be going faster than you think.


You’ll need a position-tracking virtual reality rig with two hand controllers, and a WebXR-capable browser. Here’s what has been tested to run on:



Win MR





is a cross-platform, WebXR-ready space game created with three.js for the 2020 Github Game-Off competition.

Asteroid model by Bull Studios and spaceship model by TheMuffinCoder. All other assets by Cody Bennett.

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